TRUST. latest M&A reference – we advised Suunto in Movesense MBO

TRUST has once again been at the forefront of the Finnish Tech M&A – from DC Rainmaker: “Today, Suunto has announced that they’ve sold the Movesense division to a 3rd party, spinning it off as a new company. However, as is seemingly true for all sports tech in Finland – all roads eventually sorta lead back to the same groups of people. In this case, the original founder of Sports Tracker, Jussi Kaasinen, has purchased the Movesense division. For those playing Finnish sports tech trivia along with me today, you’ll remember that Suunto purchased Sports Tracker years ago, before ultimately deciding to keep the Sports Tracker backend platform and ditching Movescount.” For all those who have followed us for several years, we were also involved in the above Sports Tracker deal.

Our transaction team involved Partner Jan Lindberg and Counsel Leena-Maija Marsio and lots of fun stuff to make this happen in collaboration with nice people from Condico IP. We congratulate both parties for the deal and wish all the best for this latest endeavor!