Change and reclamation management processes should be clearly defined in frame and project agreements

Especially in technology related project and frame agreements detailed change management and reclamation management processes are crucial if you want to mitigate risks of disputes. Operators in the technology field have even found themselves in some situations nowadays to prefer more clear and strict processes rather than to be bound by sanctions in the agreements in terms of delays or changes in scope.

In the context of technology related project agreements, the change management involves the modification or amendment of contractual terms to accommodate changes in technology, business needs, or regulatory requirements. 

Recent development in the technology project agreements market shows that strict agreement structures can be beneficial if there is a clear system in place. Having a clear system for change management, allows for transparency, accountability, and consistency in managing changes during the term of the agreements. Well thought change management and reclamation process helps to mitigate risks, minimize disputes, and protect the interests of the parties involved. Lawyers can ensure that the legal aspects of change management and reclamation management are adequately addressed in each agreement as well as during the duration of the agreement if there are changes. 

Remember to include matters such as change identification, impact assessments, stakeholder engagement, communication, risk assessments, monitoring as well as pricing and scope related implications related to changes in your drafting of these processes.