TRUST. focuses only on the most demanding M&A, strategic investments, complex technology and IP transactions, the energy sector, financial regulation and banking assignments, as well as the related disputes. Please read more about our business areas by clicking the links below.

Conflicts are complex, filled with allegations and claims that in the end may or may not have relevance. Correct actions have sometimes the power to end conflicts swiftly. Seemingly correct actions may, however, have the power to unnecessarily ruin any existing chances of settlement. We help our clients to extract the relevant from the irrelevant. Realizing the disruptive power of conflicts, we strive to offer our clients services with an unparalleled blend of excellence and efficiency.

We offer corporate customers attorney services for varying commercial conflict and distress situations. We help corporations to analyze pending or threatening disputes to determine the best course of action and – if needed – represent them in negotiations, mediations, conciliations and arbitrations, as well as before public courts, specialized courts and arbitral tribunals. Quality of actions affects every step of conflict resolution process; from the first actions taken on an emerging conflict to preliminary analysis and from in-depth analysis to representation and further. Thus, we do not see high quality as an option – we see it as the only alternative to truly own the process. 

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